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Latest Release

Speekup ‘The Lost City Of Secrets’

Release Code: BTM013
Release Date: 12 September 2014
Format: CD, MP3 & 12” Vinyl*


1. Lost City
2. Serenade Society
3. Say Something
4. Madness
5. Living Conditions
6. One Way
7. The Solution
8. One Way (Conseps Remix)*

*Exclusive to the vinyl release
  coming November 2014

Production Credits

Produced by Amos The Ancient Prophet
Co-Produced by Matchless Gift
Written & Performed by Speekup
Mixed by Matchless Gift & Craig Lewis
Mastered by Disc Edits
Illustration by IllFill
Design by Joseph “Social Change” deMaria for ReflectCreativity.com

CD $15.00http://www.butterthief.bigcartel.com/product/speekup-the-lost-city-of-secrets-cd

Press Release

‘The Lost City Of Secrets’ is the debut solo EP by Adelaide MC Speekup featuring production by Polish producer Amos The Ancient Prophet, co-production by Matchless Gift and cuts by 2014 South Australian DMC champion DJ Snair.

After having already introduced himself on his Souncloud page with the uptempo lead track “One Way”, the second single and video for “Living Conditions” sees Speekup rapping about the current socio-economic climate in a track that explores the human relationship with the ‘system’ from government taxes and monarchy to war, drugs, vanity and everything in between. The addictive flute based loop, hard drums, and sharp lyricism make “Living Conditions” a perfect choice for the video which is directed by Steve Oconnor and Social Change and which artfully translates the lyrics to the song.

Other tracks on the EP include “Say Something” which shows Speekup at his best intertwining and ‘speaking up’ on a range of topics with his unique cadence over a great beat reminiscent of a Deltron 3030 instrumental. “Serenade Society”, “Madness” and “The Solution” provide the opening, middle and closing themes to the conceptual adventure that is “The Lost City Of Secrets”. This is an EP carefully crafted so as to be listened to from beginning to end, and the extra layers and sequencing provided by Matchless Gift as well as the contribution of cuts by DJ Snair add levels of complexity to the EP that support the lyrical style that Speekup brings to the project, combining for a nice replay value. 

Speekup has been working hard on his music for a long time, and he has now delivered. Rather rare nowdays in a world where people are collaborating over the internet without meeting each other, this EP was conceived by Speekup and Amos The Ancient Prophet while Speekup was visiting the producer in Poland.

Upon returning to Australia Speekup recorded the project with friend Dr. Sacred Sound, and completed the release with additional input from Matchless Gift and DJ Snair. The cover illustration by Japanese Illustrator IllFill and graphic design by Social Change put the finishing touches on the release. A remix for “One Way” by Conseps of Adroit Effusive is slated to feature on the 12” Vinyl release of the EP coming in November 2014.

Speekup “The Lost City Of Secrets” is now available digitally on iTunes and on CD through Butterthief and select music stores.